Sexually Active People Are At Risk Of STDs


Most Americans can get STIs. That is because over 97% of the American adult population is sexually active. Only 3% are virgins. In America,over 75% of the population had sex in the last year and around 63% are currently in a relationship.

The Common STDs

Chlamydia is a common STD. The others are syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, hepatitis, and HIV/AIDs among others. Most Americans will get an STD at least once in their lives. The US has the highest rate of STDs in the developed world. STDs mostly affects teenagers.

STD Test

The best way to know whether you have Chlamydia or any other STD is by undergoing an STD test. Not everyone likes hospital testing. That is because of human contact. You can feel embarrassed of testing positive given that the doctor will know about it. The doctor is just human and can inform other people about your condition.

Home testing for Chlamydia is the best option. There are many types of home test kits for Chlamydia. You need a test kit that has good reviews.

With home testing, there is total privacy and confidentiality. Only you will know about your test result. You do not have to inform anyone else. However, you can inform your spouse in case of a positive test.

You can buy a kit that will only test for Chlamydia. Alternatively, you can purchase an 8-panel kit that will test for all the major STDs.

Test for STDs Regularly to Facilitate Early Treatment

Chlamydia and many other STDs can stay for weeks or months without showing any visible symptoms. HIV/AIDs can take more than seven years before displaying symptoms. As Chlamydia goes untreated, it will be causing further complications. It might even cause infertility. Therefore, the best thing is early treatment. For that to be the case, you need to test for STDs regularly. Home test kits for Chlamydia and other STDs will come in handy.

The good news is that most STIs are treatable in the early stages. When identified early, it will be easy to treat an STI using simple medication. If you are sexually active and have multiple sexual partners, it will be a good idea to invest in STDs home test kits so that you can be able to test regularly.

The Bottom-Line

To reduce the risk of getting STDs, you should not have multiple sex partners. If you have sex with someone you do not trust, use a condom.

Abstaining is always the best strategy. Abstain from sex until you get married and when you marry, be faithful, and make sure you marry someone who is capable of being faithful.