The Purpose Of Gonorrhea Testing


Gonorrhea is the most common sexually transmitted disease in young adults. The infection generally affects genital tract, anus, and mouth. Sexually active people with multiple sex partners are more vulnerable to this infection. If your partner is infected with this disease, you can also get infected after vaginal, anal or oral sex. It can be passed by a pregnant woman to her baby during the childbirth. A gonorrhea home test kit is an excellent solution to test yourself in the privacy of your home.

The present range of home test kits available for this purpose is highly advanced. You are assured of an accurate result. The result is available within a few minutes if you use a rapid test kit. You will receive the result in a few days if you send your biospecimen to a lab for the test. In this case, you get the result by email. You can choose any of these two types of home testing methods to check your gonorrhea infection status.

Depending on the signs and symptoms, your doctor may recommend further tests for other STDs. Gonorrhea testing is recommended first because it is the most common sexually transmitted infection. If you are infected with an STI, it is most likely that you are infected with this disease. Individuals affected with this infection generally also have a chlamydia infection. For this reason, many STI home test kits are designed to test both these two STIs. Your doctor may recommend HIV test as well if you test positive for any STI. If you test positive after using a gonorrhea home test kit, you should immediately consult a doctor. You may have to undergo testing for other types of STIs.

It is important to start the treatment as early as possible if you are affected with gonorrhea. In later stages, it is difficult to treat it and some effects of this infection cannot be reversed. Now drug-resistant strains of Neisseria gonorrhea have emerged. These strains cannot be treated easily with older standard antibiotics. It is due to these reasons that you are advised to test yourself as soon as you suspect gonorrhea infection.

Depending on your diagnosis result, you may be prescribed other medicines as well in addition to the antibiotics. A gonorrhea home test kit is a good start. If you are sexually active with one or many partners whose STI status is unknown, you should always test yourself regularly. Even when your partner or you do not see any symptoms of gonorrhea, both of you may be infected because the symptoms of this infection appear in late stages only. An early testing will help you confirm or rule out this infection.