New Information Being Launched at Osteoporosis-Info


We believe that wellness cannot be confined to one specific area of study – such as has been the case with in the past. There you would have read about medications and potential side effects, as well as other things.

You’re not going to find that for the most part now. But, you’ll still find some great informational features to help you on your way to wellness and a hopefully happy life going forward.

If you are here because you’d like some basic info on some natural treatments or some good foods to help with osteoporosis, or prevention – you might find it helpful to avoid things like red meats, sugars, alcohol, and caffeine. But, also sodas! Did you know that soda has a lot of phosphorus? THAT can reduce the calcium in your bones. Not good. So, best to stay away from that.

Helpful foods might include wild-caught fish (in other words, stay away from the farmed stuff), plenty of green leafy veggies (no surprise there), and also raw cultured dairy products like yogurt and kefir – these have beneficial nutrients including phosphorus, vitamin K, and calcium and magnesium.

This is just a start. We’ll be back with some real content soon.